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Usual misspelling of "lying."
Guy1: Oh my god you are lieing.
Guy2: Retard, it's spelled "lying."
#lying #lie #lieing #liar #misspelling
by Joezmama April 18, 2006
The misspelled version of the word lying. This word traces its roots back to Matthew who did not learn how to spell properly while attending University of Phoenix Online.
Matthew: I'm 26 and have acne. I don't care. I'm not lieing about it.
#lying #lie #honest #university of phoenix online #spelling
by DennisLaz March 05, 2010
a common word used to describe the worst kinds of liars and practitioners of "lieing". usually confused with LYING
My friend Elizabeth is a huge lieing machine.
#lying #showboat #bitch #assfuck #disco stick
by spün182 December 26, 2009
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