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a sneak peek is just a small clip of a movie that is released before the movie as a sort of "teaser" for audiences.
I just saw the sneak peek on youtube.
by gingybaby April 22, 2010

1. A preview, especially of something not yet public; an opportunity to see select portions before it is officially available.

Not to be confused with Sneak preview
I Just saw the sneak peek on Youtube.
by Jrskow July 15, 2011
Secretly watching porn in a friends house with other people present, but unaware.
Guy 1: hey what are you watching?
Guy 2: nothing...
Guy 1: is that porn?!?!
Guy 2: uhhhhhhh...
Guy 3: get the fuck out of my house!!!!
Guy 2: I was just getting a sneak peek!
by Cranman11 May 27, 2016
A marketing strategy that attracts customers, where a female bends over exposing more skin.
Rob: "Dude, Allie was giving sneak peeks to everyone today."

Tom: "I'm not surprised since she's single now. She is back on the market."
by nookworm January 30, 2012
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