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1. A short film trailer (shorter than a full length trailer shown in movie theatres and in the beginning of VHS tapes and DVDs).

Teasers trailers are used on TV, where the length of time is far too limited to run a full 2-3 minute trailer.

2. One who leads one on (sexually) but perennialy holds short of having sex.

3. Any small taste of something, usually aimed at selling something.

4. one who teases.
That bitch is such a teaser.
by Captain Neatoman October 28, 2004
a bitch that says she do and don't.
that bitch left me with this hard-on
by toms mom January 09, 2003
a shortened word used for a malteaser
whatcha fancy eating today?
ohh im just gonna crack out a packet of teasers
#tease #choc #chocolate #naughty #light #sexy
by mimi0606 February 21, 2009
something used to put a female in heat
now that is a teaser
#cougar #heat #sex #booty #dick
by The amazinggeek March 08, 2015
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