The act where an Irestone attempts to use sarcasm and cynicism in a what he believes to be witty.
Wow, that is one snarky Irestone.
by Creepy Gnome July 21, 2009
Snide, nasty, arrogant, rude, condescending,yuppie
Don't get snarky with me, Mary.
by Eye Spam March 27, 2008
Loki is so Snarky..
by Loki_God December 11, 2013
Derived from the Phoenician word snark-you.

1) To be as rch10007 on the famous Max-Zuke forum.
2) The internet equivalent of a ankle-biter dog.
3) To interject random humor, sarcasm or unintelligible statements, never relevant to the discussion at hand.
Let's go for a long ride, Lois is snarky today. I think it's that time of the month.
by Wise Old Man February 11, 2012
snarky means only one thing. Snazzy Sharks
look! in the water! its a shark! no its snarky!
by miahahaahwatnow June 18, 2010
A term, which Dane Cook suggests we google.
He was being very snarky with his attitude. Yeah, snarky, google that shit.
"Snark" is a word invented by Lewis Carroll as the name of an elusive and stealthy monster and has nothing to do with sarcasm or behavioral traits. Writers in Britain's Victorian era often used the word "sarky" (not "sNarky") as a shortened version of "sarcastic." (Just as the name "Elspeth" is a short version of "Elizabeth.") Ergo, "snarky" should refer to something or someone who is elusive or stealthy.
“There’s no need to be sarky,” I said sulkily. "We're doing our best."

Lockheed Martin's latest experimental fighter is snarky because it utilizes the latest generation of stealth technology.
by wmcphd December 29, 2010

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