A nick name that means elegance.
"Al Capone referred to himself as Snarky, which meant elegance" - The History Channel
by GTonic February 14, 2009
1.Something you would do to a hooker
2.Old vagina crust
Yea dude I gave her a snarky.

Ewww bitch I got your snarky all over me.
by KSNDefe June 08, 2009
Snarky is a made up word invented by American gangster Al "Scarface" Capone. He used it to describe anything he thought was "cool" or stylish.
Capone would often dress to the hilt and look at himself in the mirror remarking "yeah, that's snarky," or "Damn, I look snarky today."
by Mada Notelpats May 14, 2008
A bitchy sarcasim I googled that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone at leasts that annoys you snarky
by kId April 07, 2008
Like sarcasm, only gayer. Generally employed by female nerds who think it's cute or endearing, though it is not.
Teehee! Look how snarky I'm being, I've totally impressed everyone on Gaia Online.
by Cogswell Pepperbox March 26, 2008
the first time i ever saw snark or snarky was in recaps on televisionwithoutpity.com
whether it's a real word or not...sometimes it's the perfect word for certain people, situations.
Barack Obama is divine in his ability to rise above Hillary Clinton's snarky criticisms.
by wheelo08 March 28, 2008
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