A combination of the words snotty and shark. Usually associated with a comment that is clever, sarcastic and always mean-spirited, often delivered with feigned innocence, and an UNintended tinge of hypocrisy.
SNARKY comments often produce an almost embarrassed laugh from the listener who thinks, "I shouldn't really laugh at what was just said, but it's so TRUE/APPROPRIATE!"
Snarky comments are most effective when spoken in a low voice as to be audible only to those nearby at solemn occassions, such as a funeral.
"HAA-ha!": Nelson from the Simpsons.
At a wedding: "Oh, how INTERESTING! She's actually wearing WHITE!"
At a church service: "Do you think membership would increase if they TOASTED those things?"
"I shouldn't really laugh at what was just said, but it's so TRUE and so SNARKY!"
by glazeonglass May 24, 2008
The ideal adjective for describing Severus Snape, of the Harry Potter series. There simply is no better way.
Snape's whole snarky attitude makes him the BEST!
by LammySees June 19, 2008
A word that is supposed to be searched on Google because Dane Cook told us too.
"He was so snarky with his fucking attitude. Yeah snarky, its a word, Google that shit. Google magic my friends."
Said by Dane Cook
by bluematthew97 December 12, 2008
Yet another ghastly Americanism. Created by certain members of the relatively small American educated class in an attempt to sound cleverer than they actually are.
snarky: The boring British pedant spat out his tea in disgust and wrote a (cynical and sarcastic) comment in protest.
by pauls32822 May 03, 2009
According to my 10th grade English teacher, snarky is something that is annoyingly interesting.
I was in shock when I heard Dane Cook use the word snarky...I thought that is was one my 10th grade English teacher made up along with all her other words...Just an FYI, 10th grade for me was 25 years ago.
by Dawn Wood February 01, 2008
Mack's general demeanor; curmudgeonly
Quit being so snarky!
by Aubrie March 12, 2007
A nick name that means elegance.
"Al Capone referred to himself as Snarky, which meant elegance" - The History Channel
by GTonic February 14, 2009

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