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Mysterious or unknown, possibly non-existent, bug in a process, system or software that manifests in an unclear or inconsistent manner; difficult to confirm or track down, like hunting a snipe.
Some bugs you can search for before ever releasing the program, and some you can catch during beta-testing, but a snark just has to be experienced by a user.
#bug #buggy #hinky #snarky #snipe
by lb2nz November 03, 2005
Process, system or software behavior that indicates a mysterious or unknown bug is causing a problem in some unclear or inconsistent manner; more obvious than hinky behavior, but far less clear than outright buggy behavior.
Yesterday I wasn't sure if I was just paranoid or if the email really was acting hinky, but today it is downright snarky.
#bug #buggy #hinky #snark #snarkey
by lb2nz November 03, 2005
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