The white matter present in sausages and spam, and especially salami.
Lebanon bologna is full of snarfles.
by pluck March 31, 2007
Snarfle: To repeated rub back and shouldlers, followed by head and snout, on a soft surface.
My dachshund likes to snarfle when he is especially relaxed.
by Martha Denton March 31, 2007
A dirty tissue, especially with lots of boogers.
John said, "Throw out my snarfle, please."
Amanda yelled, "No way, its all snotty."
by amandopherson December 15, 2006
a word used to convey nervousness, resignation, and/or excitement. Brought to popular useage by character on Thundercats whose phrases consisted largely of snarfles and the occasional word.
but panthro, snarfle snarfle, it's snarfle dark in there snarfle snarfle
by king kong NINJA April 19, 2004
V. To peruse (a particularly geeky product or service) with excitement. The term stems from the sound that the brown monsters in DOOM 1make.
We spent all night snarfling over the latest "Science and Surplus" catalog.
by Frau Nau February 24, 2005
v. To borrow an item without permission, but with full intent to return it.
"I snarfled this book the other day, but I forgot to return it."
by Erunamo Sinda July 13, 2006
A fast, excited episode of hysteria upon which the one who snarfles, humps someone like a hyena on crack in a matter of seconds, resulting in an extreme orgasmic sexual episode, that lasts all within the period of a minute or less.
"Dude, I totally snarfled that chick like 5 minutes ago. She's recovering..."
by Danny Mead June 28, 2005

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