a word of affection, often said in a joking and teasing way. can be used as a goodbye.
Brian: hey what's up honey?
Angelica: not much sweety. sorry i have to go. Snarfles.
by Irish Ginger February 11, 2010
A lively or angry debate or discussion.
Wow, there's this one kid in my dorm that started this use snarfle over some frozen yogurt thing. What a noob.
by Guy That Frosts Your Cookies October 19, 2010
V. t oconsume Quickly
i snarfled a bag of chips
by exorbio April 21, 2006
The action performed by all members of the Wumbo species. Snorices, Snarfles, etc. These species are especially popular in Sbasanian zoos all around the country. They snarfle using "snarfs" which are attached to their upper lip, the snarfs wiggle around making various motions and sounds based on how the Wumbo's mood is. Snarfling can be taken as an offense, or a compliment (see examples)
Example 1- Offense -- "Oh my Zeus, the snorice is snarfle-ing me! Eww!"

Example #2 - Compliment -- "Aww!! Look at the little wumbo! It's snarfle-ing me! Aww!"
by Gummybear Chalupas May 30, 2009
The sound a giraffe makes when speaking to another giraffe. The sound is inaudible by humans.
The giraffe's snarfle was calm and soothing to his mate.
by Snarfle Appreciator March 23, 2008
Crotch in face. When a person virtually suffocates another using nothing but his/her genitalia.
Nikki didn't mean to snarfle Ed when she fell on his face with her legs wrapped around his head.
by the japsican May 01, 2007
The sound that is made when sucking in snot while sniffling or sobbing
Mary snarfled in her sniffles to prevent the snot from running out of her nose.
by CorpusLobo November 11, 2007

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