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noun -- a nasal sound made while eating and breathing at the same time; a sound made while consuming edibles; a disturbing, aural display of food consumption
i.e. Dude, that snarfle you just made sounded fucking sick. Don't snarfle like that anymore, dude. - snar·fl·er; snar·fl·ee
by Kunami Mata June 01, 2005
to snort and breathe heavily into someones neck, resulting in the receiver getting tingles.
i only want a boyfriend so i can snarfle him

puppies are so cute they always snarfle me

im feeling low, please snarfle me!
by snarflet January 23, 2009
snar·fle (snahr-fel) verb -- to eat recklessly; the act of consuming edibles in a quick and careless manner; a full-jawed munching
i.e. Give her a cookie to snarfle. - snar·fl·ing; snar·fled
by Kunami Mata June 01, 2005
This is when a dog comes up to your face and kinda sniffs but gets wet dog nose on you and a little bit of slobber. This happens often when you sleep on a couch around a larger dog.
Eww dude, your dog keeps snarfling my face

Pooch, don't snarfle me!
by Kate Mossberg December 11, 2006
The sound made when attempting to not laugh but some sound escapes anyway. Usually used when attempting to be polite.
After seeing that old lady fall I tried not to laugh but I did snarfle a little
by Rengully December 06, 2012
The action a Dugong (Sea Cow) makes when eating. Combination between the eating action and the imagined sound
"Snarfle snarfle"

Wow did you see that Dugong snarfle?
by TashaHargan February 05, 2009
a word of affection, often said in a joking and teasing way. can be used as a goodbye.
Brian: hey what's up honey?
Angelica: not much sweety. sorry i have to go. Snarfles.
by Irish Ginger February 11, 2010
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