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it can be used it two different ways.

way 1:to give credit to someone for doing something. instead of saying words like props,or points you say snapples.

way 2:to express your state of shock or the impression something made on you
way 1: what you did for that poor guy was so nice, snapples.

way 2: *someone does a trick* oh snapples, that was bangin' yo'.
by Brea June 30, 2004
Snapples - snotty people who believe in the inherent superiority of Apple products against all competing brands with the preconceived notion that Apple products are 'made from the best stuff on earth.'
"My friends are such snapples. They won't even gchat me when they know I'm using my Droid."
by i8urchips February 23, 2010
1. An awwesome juice drink.

2. An expression.

person 1~ I luv snapple!
person 2~ Me 2! *smiles*
person 3~ I hate snapple...
person 1 and 2~ Well I hate you.


person 1~ I lost my cat again.

person 2~ Oh snapple thats not good!
by Thursday27 Has An iPod!! May 09, 2009
extremely awesome

on a much grander scale than O...S***!
I am going to have a 3 day birthday bash??? O SNAPPLES!
by futang June 27, 2012
An Apple product that has been jailbroken.
What a delicious snapple! Can I grab one to go?
by flossyflossy June 13, 2013
A tin apple for chemistry dorks.
-Rodolphe: "Here take a bite of this Snapple"
-Gustave: "Food!"
-Gustave: "Ouch what's this?"
-Rodolphe: "It's an apple infused with tin"

by valmont121 January 29, 2008
A replacement/alternative/contemporary version of the word "snap." Used to demonstrate surprise, disappointment, or give props to someone for a wicked insult.
"Oh snapple - that creepy guy from the bar tracked me down on myspace."
by Melissa Jobo June 12, 2008