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A nooner only sooner. Sex in the morning.
C'mon Honey I can't wait until noon, my balls are ready to blow up. I need a morner pleeeeeeez?
by westernpig March 30, 2006
An elderly ladies hairdo. Resembling the blue-white do of a prepped poodle. Commonly used to describe the driver of a vehicle.
That poodlehead cut me off!
There's nobody but poodleheads at the quilt show.
by westernpig March 30, 2006
A motor vehicle capable of transporting more than 2 people. A vehicle of which to pack your homeys, your crew, your gang... your squad. A 1972 Lincoln Continental is an excellent example of a squad car.
Bitchmore... fire up the squad car and lets go pig trolling.

Dude, we're not letting poindexter ride in the squad car any more. That poofter hurled after two beers and now it smells like a carnival ride.
by westernpig August 05, 2006
From "Johnny Dangerously" (1984)
From a heavy accent attempting to swear in english. "Asshole" is eyesole.

A fun way to say "asshole".
Suck my cork you farggin eyesole!
by westernpig August 05, 2006
A result of the ass sphincter pinching off a shit. The tapered end of a shit is a result of the ass snappling shut. A perfect snapple leaves a short, sharp tapered end to yesterday's intake. Talented snapplers have demonstrated the ability to chop their log into smaller peices which may be an evolutionary trait of peoples living in water depleted areas where low flow toilets are commonly found.
Look at my log, B! That snapple is so tight you'd think my ass worked at DQ, bitch! I worked that swirl. Yeah!

Dr. stink tried to examine my colon but I snappled his finger off. Got his ring too!

by westernpig July 28, 2006
Commonly used to describe a situation as "lovely, simply fucking lovely".
That photo is 727 yo!
Got a pink slip today. That's a 727.
by westernpig March 30, 2006
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