Save Now And Pay Pennies Later Eh! A term used to describe the notion of saving money on buying a particular item now in anticipation that the cost of that item will drop significantly in the near future.
Don't get that top-of-the-line computer! SNAPPLE! You have no need for the added processing power, and therefore, it's more cost effective to buy something midrange now, save the money, invest it in stocks, and in 2 years, buy another one for half the price.
by minh h February 04, 2008
An alternative to soda that bills itself as "all natural" and "made from the best stuff on earth" but counts high fructose corn syrup as "natural"
All natural Snapple, hmm. High fructose corn syrup??
by jn9 September 24, 2006
Word substitute for "cool", "rad", etc.
"Did you see that Canadian? He was so snapple" or "Wow Van, you're so snapple!"
by (Van) February 22, 2006
the greatest shit on earth. origin - 1992 Snapple Corp. "made of the greatest stuff on earth"
Yo dawg, your Benz is snapple!
by PIMP PHD August 06, 2003
When two or more straight guys snuggle (usually really good friends), everyone in witness refers to it as snapple due to the fruitiness of the situation.
Kevin: Dude, i love you, lets snapple.
Cody: i love you too, lets.

by Kevin Death Metal February 20, 2008
Syn. See Delicious
My knees went weak at the sight of that bottle of Snapple.
by Miki November 19, 2005
Sperm, Jizz, what ever you want to call it
Guy: Dude, I blasted Snapple all over that bitch!
Dude: Guy, that's fu*kin awesome!
by Ranjeet January 03, 2008

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