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Bitch, slut, whore.
Ciji Nicholson.
by Miki April 24, 2004
An undefined word created by Trey Parker while writing the title song for his student film "Cannibal! The Musical" (It was meant to be only temporary until he thought of an appropriate adjective but it ended up sticking). Can be used in replacement of any adjective or in the expletive.
"That's a shpadoinkle car!"

"Oh shpadoinkle! I have a paper due today!"

There are an infinate number of shpadoinkle examples for this word.
by miki April 02, 2005
The Salvation Army home John Lennon used to visit when he was a boy living with his aunt in Liverpool. Not LSD.
Lennon: "Near that home was Strawberry Fields, a house near a boys' reformatory where I used to go to garden parties as a kid with my friends Nigel and Pete we would go there and hang out and sell lemonade bottles for a penny. We always had fun at Strawberry Fields. So that's where I got the name. But I used it as an image. Strawberry Fields forever."
by Miki July 16, 2005
A bastardization of the word "freak". The term is generally used similarily to the word "dork", "dorkus", "idiot", etc.
Person 1: I am a ballerina! Wheehehehehe!!!

Person 2: Wtf was that, you freakus!
by Miki July 16, 2004
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie's alien alter ego).
Making love with his ego,
Ziggy sucked up into his mind.
Like a leper Messiah,
When the kids had killed the man I had to break up the band.
by Miki October 22, 2005
Another term used to describe a male penis.
"Man you touched my gerbong."
"The girls fean my gerbong."
"Hey petro how about you suck my gerbong."
by Miki January 27, 2005
Syn. See Delicious
My knees went weak at the sight of that bottle of Snapple.
by Miki November 19, 2005

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