Top Definition
to act crazy, outrageous
I was snappin at that party last night
by Pianoplayr19 September 25, 2005
when a nigga kills a track, cd
Yo b Tip be snappin on that I'm a King

off tops son
by The Kid K July 10, 2005
term given to a lunchtime meal - originating from Stoke-on-Trent aka "The Potteries" (Midlands - UK)

Dus'thee 'av owt foz snappin?


Do you have anything for your lunch?
by kegmar September 19, 2008
A pre-packed lunch to take to work with you.
I had ham sarnies for my snappin today.
by snattlepleggy groodleponk October 23, 2008
The act of performing very highly in any sporting event or contest.
aye that dude was snappin on yalls team last night.
by hotsauce901 March 28, 2011
To curse someone out violently!
I was snappin on Dorothy for acting like a hoe!
by DENAYNAYNAY July 14, 2005
it means that you are good.
me howz u
them im snappin man
me kool g
by michael da pimp May 03, 2008
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