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term given to a lunchtime meal - originating from Stoke-on-Trent aka "The Potteries" (Midlands - UK)

Dus'thee 'av owt foz snappin?


Do you have anything for your lunch?
by kegmar September 19, 2008
A technique used to assist competition speed-eaters to consume large quantities of food in very a short space of time.

Mostly found where bread products are used eg. Burgers, Hot-Dogs and consists of the competitor dipping the said food item briefly into a cup of water (must be present for health and safety reasons) before swallowing either without chewing or very little.

This moistens the bread and avoids "dry-congealing" of the bread in the throat.
"I prefer to use Japanesing... some people like it, some dont... it helps me though and I'm the state champion!
by kegmar June 05, 2009

mid 1990's UK pop band

Made famous for getting away with singing "PISSING THE NIGHT AWAY" at every live performance on TV... secretly disguised as "kissing the night away" and somewhat affirmed by the rather explicit video of two lezzerz kissing in a lavatory!

anti-labour activists...
I get knocked down...

and I get up again...

You're nevery gona keep me down...

Pissing the night away...

Pissing the night away

lyrics by Chumbawumba
by kegmar September 19, 2008
Small measure of lady fart... Seen to be cheeky and in no way comparative to the male counterpart
Woops, please excuse me... that may ave been a flatulette, nothing more though... hee hee...
by kegmar August 08, 2009
1) Term of endearment associated with those you love to hate.

2) noun
Used in context within a heirarchical notion - a twat at the peak of his twatting career.

3) noun - disease
Able to be spread by physical contact (eg. rubbing up against someone accidentally) but not by sexual intercourse - thus allowing intercourse to take place naturally without hinderance or need for protection.
1)Derk: Why does he have to be such a twat all of the time dood...?

Jo: what you have to remember is that his royal twatness cannot stop himself from shaving his scrotum with his teeth...

2) That guy is radiating twatness....

3) Dont let his twatness rub off on you
by kegmar September 19, 2008
to be flabbergasted by or to show one's surprise at an unexpected course of action...

a more acute take on the cockadoodledo phrase native to the common rooster / hen
fook-a-doodle-doo Batman... that guy has an armpit for a head...

now now Robin... do not fret. It is merely a cockney street artist without his costume on
by kegmar September 19, 2008

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