When you put your thumb in the pussy, your middle finger in the ass hole and snap your fingers together.
Take of your pants so I can give you a snapper.
by Sean, Jarrod and Bubba June 10, 2004
a dump.
Possibly originated from shortening "I'll see you guys in a minute i'm gonna go snap my tail off."
"Oh man, pull over the car i need to take a snapper."
another definition for blow, coke, white, cocaine
Wheres the snapper? You got snapper.
by snakebite September 30, 2006
The act of taking both your index fignger and thumb at the same time and inserting them into the anus as far as possible. Then using them to make a finger snapping motion (most ofen causing pleasure).
-I'm gonna pull the snapper on you
-She got the snapper
by Udog8 November 16, 2004
a female, a woman, sometimes an angry tempered woman, you know... someone whos bitching
Theres alot of fine snappers out at the racetrack, you wanna go?
by filthycrib January 08, 2006
Vagina that looks, feels, tastes and smells like a large kind of fish also called a Snapper.
Phew... put that snapper in an ice bucket before it really starts to smell..
by I am December 17, 2003
A jerk. An asshole
Damm that fools being a snapper.
by twinndubbs October 22, 2003

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