Male sex organ or penis.
Oft made comment by fathers to their teenage sons in the 1940s and 1950s. "Remember son, keep your snapper in your pants"
by Dan July 17, 2003
A person who is so thin he looks like he might snap.
Careful Gareth, you might snap! Snapper!
by Ian Chode June 05, 2003
a word that pottstown niggers use on young teenage girls
yo nigga this scardy cat got dat m snappa
by yebow June 21, 2005
Snappers are various drugs injected with about the tiniest gauge needles on the market that inject directly into the penis and give you a hardon. Lots of porn industry types use those.
"I need a hardon now - I think I'll use some snappers."
shaun michael canniffe of QLD
canniffe is a snapper
by jonesy May 06, 2004
When you pack the bong half way with weed and some tobacco. You smoke the whole bowl until the cherry of the weed/tobacco gets sucked thru the bottom of the bowl. Making a snapping noise
I was coughing for ten minutes after my first snapper
by Nicetime June 15, 2015
Someone that immensely enjoys using snap chat.
hey snapperssss, have you been watching my story?
by Princecharles May 01, 2015

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