A Lawn Mower Company...
Go get the Snapper® Lawn mower and mow the grass.
by Masked Pillager December 10, 2002
A child's penis (prepuberty)
"Bobby, stop that right now! Don't play with your snapper!"
by snappee September 22, 2009
Fetus, unborn baby, Irish slang
As in the great Irish film, The Snapper: The daughter's pregnant belly is referred to as the Snapper...Ah, he or she's a real Snapper!
by Petra777 January 05, 2008
A term for a homosexual. UK
I heard he's a snapper.

Whoa! its snappers-ville in here!
by CLOCK FACE May 16, 2007
The Police - (Police car)
Look out! ... theres a snapper over there
by Jeff Lynn January 15, 2008
A Cigarette. Commonly used on the west coast as well as in London UK. "A box of snappers" is slang for a pack of cigarettes. It's most commonly used when asking to "bum" one, in which case the very "tap" or "nip" is joined with it.
Hey man, mind if I tap one of those snappers? or just "snapper?" (when offered)
by Nasmon Arollo May 05, 2006
An Irish Catholic. (also, mackerel snapper)
That wake was nothing but snappers.
by Joe Bone March 07, 2005
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