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Used in North Dublin, Ireland, as slang for a baby.
'Jaysis Mary, the snapper's gettin' too big for that cot!'
by dAnGeRwAnK December 16, 2008
62 47
Early to mid 80s vernacular for an attractive young woman. Popular in Massachusetts and nearby regions of adjacent New England states. Often pronounced as "snappa".
A "Do you think she's pretty?"
B "Definitely! She's a wicked snappa!"
by asimplename December 31, 2004
79 68
A homosexual man or transexual/transgendered, that when speaking, flamboyantly snaps his fingers in a triangular fashion to add sass.
"Did you see that snapper snappin' at that westboro member? Snap on snappy!"
by sLkEyVi January 16, 2012
16 13
A single hit from a bong or marijuana pipe intended for personal use only.
1. "I picked up some kush. Here I'll pack you a snapper."

2. "Thats a sick bong."

"Hit it, there should still be a snapper left in there."
by Shadows_420 June 01, 2009
13 10
A person who uses a camera to make a living, but rather than taking thought out quality shots, travels the world taking hundreds or even thousands of random shots in the hope that a handful will appeal to a client. Typically he or she will be unable to make a proper living, earning little more than beer money however they will make out to their social contacts that they are very successful.
Mandy is hanging around with this guy who claims to be a photographer. As soon as she realises hes only a Snapper he'll be out on his ear.
by The Burger Flipper April 30, 2011
9 7
A gang-related nickname; most commonly used in mexican gangs, often given to one with a short temper.
Young Snapper, Mr. Snapper, Snapper Loc
by EcksFoe May 13, 2008
26 24
An Irish term used to describe an infant or toddler.
That little snapper filled his nappie with so much shite it ran down his legs.
by navillus March 05, 2004
46 45