when you have sex with a girl, you cum, go soft, and wiggle out of the condom leaving it in the girl.
i totally just left her a snake skin
by yee haw March 03, 2005
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the dried after affects of ejaculation creating a thin film upon the chest or stomach
i had to peel off a proper snakeskin this morning
by duglasses April 11, 2005
a used condom.
after i get done fucking my girlfriend, i peel the snakeskin off my cock.
by Nucking Futz June 11, 2009
Extremely awesome.
That suit if fucking SNAKESKIN!
by Panda Handler September 10, 2010
one who disses the coolest clothes because they are jealous, one who tries to stop cool clothes from being bought and sold
Phillip is such a snakeskin!
by Jo Shmo May 03, 2004

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