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the dried after affects of ejaculation creating a thin film upon the chest or stomach
i had to peel off a proper snakeskin this morning
by duglasses April 11, 2005
31 11
when you have sex with a girl, you cum, go soft, and wiggle out of the condom leaving it in the girl.
i totally just left her a snake skin
by yee haw March 03, 2005
44 24
a used condom.
after i get done fucking my girlfriend, i peel the snakeskin off my cock.
by Nucking Futz June 11, 2009
13 4
Extremely awesome.
That suit if fucking SNAKESKIN!
by Panda Handler September 10, 2010
2 4
one who disses the coolest clothes because they are jealous, one who tries to stop cool clothes from being bought and sold
Phillip is such a snakeskin!
by Jo Shmo May 03, 2004
4 14