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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to "whistle dixie" is "(to engage)] in unrealistically rosy fantasizing". Usually, it's used in a negative way..."Don't just whistle Dixie", for example, means "Don't sit on your ass wasting time".

It comes from the popular southern song, Dixieland.

See also, self-delusion, daydreaming, and/or bullshit.
"Your angel's whistling dixie!"
-Ms. Scarlet in the movie "Clue", to a door-to-door evangelist

"What are you doing, sittin' on your ass whistling Dixie? Do some goddamn work for a change!"
-My eccentric co-worker
by MindsOfMongoose July 10, 2008
Giving a blowjob in the South.
"Where've you been Delilah? Out back again with that no good boyfriend , Whistling Dixie?"
by Stephen McCormick February 14, 2015
When a co-worker whistles nonstop all day long. And they are in close proximity to you.
Frank is so fucking annoying, he's been a regular Whistling Dixie all day.
by taintasaurus April 12, 2006
the particular high achieved by taking mushrooms (more commonly refered to as "tripping shrooms").
when you trip on shrooms you whistle dixie, or you ARE whistling dixie.

(if you've done shrooms you understand.)
by FEvER PITCH April 16, 2006
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