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To complete a task under grueling circumstances.
I know its hard but if you ever want to get out of here, you better smurf it.

If I won't be able to take a sickday, I'll just have to smurfit.
by Xpndsprt August 08, 2006
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fuck it!
I don't wanna work today, smurf it!
by mufin man August 14, 2009
2 1
Spreading cocaine on a dildo (preferably blue) and repeatedly gouging your butt hole to get high.
Drew: I want to do this cocaine, but my nostrils ache, any ideas Wendy?

Wendy: Smurf-it.
by bradddddddddd January 02, 2008
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The process of feeling ill, and or, going very pale, after excessive Drug intake. similar in meaning to Whitey
"I think she's gonna Smurfit"
by C.May June 26, 2004
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