Slang for cops. Used because of their blue uniforms and noticeably unproportional male to female ratio.
Example 1-
Guy 1: How was the party last night?

Guy 2: It got busted by smurfs.

Example 2-
Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Driver: Fuck off, smurf.
by ToastyBagels6943vr October 12, 2010
Used as a reference to a player on the blue team in an online Halo match
We're gonna whoop those smurfs' asses1
by ninjasmurf777 June 24, 2010
a persons face turning blue because of a blow job.
Guy 1: I made my chick smurf last night.
Guy 2: Is she alright.
Guy 1: Yeah, but that's the last time i get a bj.
by bnasty24 March 06, 2010
A bunch of short blue things that all look exactly the same. They use smurf in the place of all verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and every other word in the English language. Almost all of them are male (DAMN SEXIST CARTOON WRITERS!!!!!). They also never reproduce, yet somehow they still exist. (BUT WAIT, THAT'S A PARADOX!!!!) DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

also a word that is hilarious to substitute for cuss words, especially when you intentionally call them a smuff instead and they don't catch that there is a difference.
person one: damit!

KrazyDude: no, you're supposed to say smurf it

person one: smurf

KrazyDude: yep, you damn smurfing smurf, smurf smurfing son of a smurf


person one: did you just call me a smuff

KrazyDude: no you damn smurfing Smuff, go smurf some smurfing smurf

i said smuff, or did i say smurf, or did the smuffing smurfer smuff that i said smuff but smurf but smuffing smuff

you smurfing damn smurf smurfer

Person One: O_o 0_0 o_O

KrazyDude: I THOUGHT SO!!!!!
by KrazyDude599999 December 16, 2009
When a male is giving sextual intercourse to a female, and then ejeculates over her stomach, and then mixes his sperm with blue food coloring and makes the sperm blue, creating a "smurf" like substance.

(The girl later has a blue-dyed stomach for a week).
Jake- "Oh man, i heard about last night"
Bill- "Oh yea. Angela totally liked it"
Jake- "Everyones saying you gave her a smurf. True?"
Bill- "Hell yea, i did."
by flopedyflop November 28, 2009
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