a sort of vernarial Disease.
I got the smurfs.

I need to get my privates checked for the smurfs.

Please god don't tell me I have the smurfs.

Great,my dick is blue, I got the f-in smurfs!!
by Jburker July 10, 2008
slang term for extacy
can I score some smurfs for the rave?
by Travis Torsak January 10, 2007
An unofficial US military/special forces hazing ritual/CPR training exercise that made the news during the late 1980s in which one trainee's head is dunked under water until he drowns and then is resuscitated by another.
"A Navy spokesman denied that the sailor's death was in any way related to the rumored practice of smurfing."
by chopper dave July 20, 2006
a term which is used in vain as a substitute for heavy profanities.
Jack: I met up with sophia the other night.
Bill: no way, so what did you smurfing do?
Jack: I totally smurfed her
Bill: no smurfing way
Both: smurf yeah!
by shipleader cat August 16, 2005
To hit someone with your penis
STFU bitch or I'm going to smurf you until your brain bleeds
by Papa Smurf October 17, 2004
A DoS attack in which there are three parties: the attacker, the victim, and the intermediary. The victim is usually one entity on the internet. The intermediary is a network of some kind. Basically, the attacker forges the packet headers of ICMP request packets so they look like they're coming from the victim. He directs the packets at the intermediary (network). Every machine on the network must reply to the request, so they all reply, but their replies are directed to the victim. That causes the victim, and the intermediary usually, to suffer network congestion, etc. etc. etc. That's a basic definition, but oh well.
He smurfed that asshole.
by Leetass June 28, 2003
a tribes player who plays under multiple names. comes from the blue text created when you use an "alias"
omg d00d stop smurfing, that's so lame
by Anonymous February 07, 2003

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