Los Angeles talk for: Where the weed at man?
Dude, I'm stressed, wheres the smurf at?
by JWIZ96 October 10, 2009
a substitute word for profanity usage
Smurf! I left the keys in the car and it's locked.
by 1/2 Key April 27, 2011
Whilst having sex with a girl in a portaloo from behind, you force her face into the toilet and rinse her face with the blue cleaning agent. The girl then becoming a smurfette
As if Alex Elliott smurfed that girl at Leeds festival, Legend!
by Alex Smurf January 29, 2010
Smurfs is a term that is used to describe the police.
Dude #1: "Yo bruh when da last time you seen ol boy?"

Dude #2: "You ain't heard? The Smurfs got em last week."
by D-N-A "The King Of NC" October 26, 2009
Skeet Skeet Skeet or to ejacualte all someone, something, or a ceiling
Hey i just Smurfed all over Michael


Hey i was wondering if you could smurf on me tonight


I like the way you smurf, you can hit the ceiling
by MrKittyCat August 23, 2009
Another Word For Bitch
Aww... Jeff you spilt my drink you Smurf
by Aakell May 10, 2009
verb - to be colored blue

I bought some paint for the game and smurfed myself; blue is one of my school's colors.
by quadman08 November 20, 2008

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