Short Mothers You Really like to fuck.
Goddamn! There are Smurfs everywhere!
by Marshy Sugar Tits I October 06, 2011
Those dirty f-ing hippies that drum in a drum circle.
"Go beat it in the damn forest smurfs!"
by Chester Peppercorn March 03, 2008
An indingenious group of small blue people that live primarily in the jungles of Columbia. Their traditional dress which isn't very adapted to the needs of concealment is the white stocking cap and white painter trousers. They are usually reconized as Hugonauts. Also, chased around by a crazy Columbian trying to boil them down into cocaine to make a living.
The smurfs were actually a peace loving people until divisions over whether to embark on a "cleansing" to wipe out bourgeouis scum should occur.
by P. Kaltenbach January 06, 2008
A newly entered recruit in Navy boot camp who is thus called on account of wearing blue Navy hoodies and pants for the first week of indoctrination and inprocessing, and until Navy utility uniforms are issued. They are also shorn of their civilian hair styles: bald for males and shoulder-length for females. The clothes worn are also called 'smurfs' or smurfsuits.
The RDC berated the raw smurfs as they failed to grasp the concepts of marching.
by Mongol Cabelin August 10, 2007
1. aka as Thomas Murphy, comedian who supports gay rights, notorious for in the middle of jokes going 'meow', the screaming 'die fascists' in death growls. He is openly homosexual and openly claims he wants to be a Lorien.

2. A Blue creature, off the hit TV show The Smurfs
1. Did you watch Smurfs stand up comedy session last night?
2. Oh my Smurfette is the only girl, on the Smurfs. How kinky.
by Lor teh Hor July 30, 2006
Military slang for military personnel of the United Nations, especially those on peacekeeping missions. Term derived from the colour of the UN helmet.
I see the UN flag on their APCs: the Smurfs are here.
by Robert Lee August 01, 2005
When you are slamming a glorious piece of tail and she asks you to choke her (which seems to be trending a lot lately) and you do it until she turns blue.

Papa Smurf is when you can only finish by smurfing... and then you have to make sure you finish on her chin giving her a white beard aka. Papa Smurf.
"I can only finish if I Papa Smurf some fine ass piece of va-j."

"So i was smurfing this delicate little bird and she loved it like Magic Johnson loved dudes"

"Hey bro, what are you doing tonight" - answer "I am going to smurf my booty call within an inch of her life"

"Smurfing isn't a sexual act it is a lifestyle"
by Smurfcapades 08-09 October 05, 2011

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