Slang for 30mg Oxycodone instant release. They are sometimes referred as smurfs because of the blue pigment the pill has.
Yo, you know anyone thats good with smurfs? im hurting real bad.
by Paulie Snatchh ;) March 09, 2012
Smurf is a word used to describe someone that is a member of the Crips.
Stay strapped tonight kid it's all smurfs around there.
by scartownnnnn January 13, 2009
To give a man blue balls.
Raheem-"Yo, that bitch just smurfed me!"


Peter-"My girlfriend smurfed me last night, that whore."
by Chaz "C-Diddy" B. January 27, 2005
When you are slamming a glorious piece of tail and she asks you to choke her (which seems to be trending a lot lately) and you do it until she turns blue.

Papa Smurf is when you can only finish by smurfing... and then you have to make sure you finish on her chin giving her a white beard aka. Papa Smurf.
"I can only finish if I Papa Smurf some fine ass piece of va-j."

"So i was smurfing this delicate little bird and she loved it like Magic Johnson loved dudes"

"Hey bro, what are you doing tonight" - answer "I am going to smurf my booty call within an inch of her life"

"Smurfing isn't a sexual act it is a lifestyle"
by Smurfcapades 08-09 October 05, 2011
Little blue beings from a Belgian comic.
The name in French is "Schtroumpf"; that means "sock" in German. (with another spelling: "Strumpf")
The author says that his comic was not aimed to be communist propaganda though loads of people think it is.

Their reproduction is very mysterious, but they seemed to be made out of clay by humans and taken to the village by a stork when the moon is blue.
The only female of the village was made by the villain of the comic to stir things up in the little community and it actually worked... No comment

They know how to make flutes that make everyone dance.
I'd love to live in the Smurf's village

- What's smurfer than the smurf of my smurf?
- My smurfer's smurf.
by MeliorMelusine June 04, 2011
Word for somebody who is either a communist and/or communist like in the way they think or act. Primarily used in a negetive connotation.

Also used when referring to a total d-bag or somebody who is stingy, greedy, cheap and/or someone who lacks depth.
Ex 1: Dude, that smurf went back to our table when everyone left and swiped the tip we left.

Ex 2: That guy is a total smurf for thinking that we should all have to wait in line to get into the party.

Ex 3: The goverment is smurfing us hard by slowly diminishing our freedom.
by steezybreezybeautiful March 25, 2011
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