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Smorfing requires a female corpse that is a day or two old, and a partner. One person tries to put their entire mouth around the vaginal area, but whether he attempts to seal it is his own choice. When he is ready, his partner puts great pressure (usually sudden) on the abdomen, and the other gets a good mouth/faceful of the stagnant fluids that have accumulated in the area.
Me and Hank were totally smorfing this chick, and I had the most foul taste in my mouth you could ever imagine, and that's when the cops burst in.
by Revchu March 24, 2004
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Pronunciation: ˈsmȯr-fiŋ

Function: intransitive verb

To eject/discharge wax from the ear canal. Just as "number 1" and "number 2" are considered as a numerical reference to urination and defecation, smorfing is "number 12".
The walls of the cubicle would never be the same after William was smorfing on his break.
by Human Overth February 21, 2010

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