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A total failure, a complete waste of time.
Man, nothing went right, today was a total bust.
by Revchu April 04, 2004
The prestigious sexual conquest of fucking both an alternately coloured midget and a dead animal, most commonly a dog, while either you or the midget may be missing limbs. Prosthetic limbs would also qualify. The rarest form of this occuring would involve two midgets, one of them being an Eskimo.

Note: dead animals almost exclusively mammals.
Rick: So she comes home, and I can tell right away that he has midget stink all over her. I know she's into interracial midget amputee necro-bestiality, ever since she lost both her arms in that thresher, I know she's been fucking around.

Alistair: Jesus Christ.
by Revchu July 17, 2005
The person who always ends up puking when under the influence of alcohol. You know the guy. Taken from the 80s childrens cartoon, Thundercats.
-Man, Jeff puked in the sink! Again!
-He's a total chundercat.
-A chundercat?
by Revchu September 09, 2004
Very similar to a gunt, a pronounced bulge starting at the belt or rim of the pants, with the crotch area of the pants protruding outwards, creating a disgusting melon shape. Again, not quite a gut, not quite a cunt.
A gunt causes tremendous wardrobe problems. If she is not careful, she's going to give herself a twattermelon.

That is repulsive.
#gunt #gut #cunt #twat #watermelon
by Revchu April 19, 2006
The extreme version of schwag, a description of something of very poor quality, usually used in reference to bad pot.

The exact opposite of diggity dank.
Fuck, this shit is diggity schwag.
by Revchu April 04, 2004
When three French men have sex, the man in the middle is "pierre de la chance."
Sacré bleu! Ah am receiving le cock while ah am fucking l'asshole! Ah am none other than Pierre de la Chance! Enchanté!
by Revchu March 31, 2004
Smorfing requires a female corpse that is a day or two old, and a partner. One person tries to put their entire mouth around the vaginal area, but whether he attempts to seal it is his own choice. When he is ready, his partner puts great pressure (usually sudden) on the abdomen, and the other gets a good mouth/faceful of the stagnant fluids that have accumulated in the area.
Me and Hank were totally smorfing this chick, and I had the most foul taste in my mouth you could ever imagine, and that's when the cops burst in.
by Revchu March 24, 2004
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