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when your manhood doesnt work to full potential, usually from drinking or an unattractive lady, so you have a rubbery wang that you smoosh into her snatch
i was getting hot and heavy with that girl but when it came time to get to business my guy wasn't at full mast so i was just smooshing her for three hours, i had fun.
by smooshman February 23, 2009
the lesbian sexual act of tribadism, where in two women "smoosh pussies"
“No, I think I saw it on the TV late at night like a year ago. They were definitely fuckin’ smooshing.”
“I don’t think smooshing’s even a word.”
“Well that’s what they fuckin’ called it! They looked all happy and shit, too. Smooshing.”
by TLockhart May 25, 2013

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