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Snooki's (Nicole Polizzi) term for a casual sexual encounter, occuring on Jersey Shore. Used in the South Park Episode "New Jersey", in which the Snooki monster can only verbalize the words "smoosh smoosh".
Snooki monster: "Snooki want Smoosh Smoosh!"
Kyle Broflovski: "You're gonna have to go somewhere else to get your smoosh smoosh Snooki!"
Snooki monster: "Awww..."
by veghead95 October 15, 2010
The exceptionally strong smell of perfume that emanates from such stores as Hollister and Abercrombie&Fitch.
"Dude, I had to hold my breath when I walked through the Hollister Haze at the mall today!"
"Totally, dude, it was all up in my grill!"
by veghead95 July 24, 2009
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