to smog someone.
its like a snog. only way cooler.
/me smogs you.
the act of smoggling.
by cytheria March 21, 2007
An "sms" also known as a text message on a cell phone. Smog is short for "Short messsage blog"
Wow! I have received 200 text messages today. That's a lot of smog!
by Todd Dusenberry March 17, 2007
An open mouthed kiss from a Dragon (or Dragon like creature... eg: a Dragon Pheonix). From the English word "snog."
DragonPhoenix smogged Bambi.
by Grey Labyrinth August 08, 2003
"sm" means "small"
putting this before the word "dog", turns it into "smog"

you can use this in any other word

...""smindow", small window
..."sminky", small chinky

by andy humphries May 15, 2009
Half Monkey Half Person Thing that slurps and walks around with his boxers on backwards
The hunchback smogs slurped "I called next on playstation!"
by Ingham February 02, 2003
The act of getting oral sex, sex, etc. Also known to mean ejaculation.
She come over and I smoged her. I smoged on her face.
by Casey Joe Buck March 01, 2005
the bitch should have been kicked out...
by Anonymous February 13, 2003

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