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a student of smith college; the most fabulous women (and those who identify differently) in the world
"Ze goes to Smith"
"Yeah, I know, ze is one hot Smithie"
by chem grrl March 06, 2005
A student who attends William Smith College in Geneva, NY and thinks she is hot shit because she has money or status. This means she is likely to give you attitude or pretend to not know you even when she does because she thinks she is better than you or thinks it would be embarassing for her to be seen even saying hello to you. The distinction must however be made that not all students who attend William Smith College are "Smithies." The percentage of William Smith students who are classified as "Smithies" has not been officially determined by any student organizations or clubs.
I walked by that Smithie today, I know that she really isn't even hot and that I wouldn't even mack on that.
by NYCKid24 December 05, 2009
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