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A Smithy is someone who not only has legendary footy knowledge and arguing skills , but is also regarded as the premier authority on the subject by his peers. Looked up to and thouroughly respected , he is the essential die hard fan , never wavering , unfaultering love for his team . He could only ever really support a team like Liverpool.
"Wow I am really impressed with that guy , I have never seen someone more passionate about his team "

" yeah , what a smithy ."

"yeah ,oh no here comes Josh Goodall."

"oh fuck yeah , mobiles out."
by Smithymonster February 19, 2008
A Goodall is someone who not only has the intelligence of a small shaved monkey , but also bases which footy team he supports on whether or not a Russian billionairre has bought them! A Goodall knows nothing about his so-called team or footy in general , yet desperately tries to gain credibilty my making rash , amazing stupid comments which do nothing except antagonise real fans .
A Goodall would even stoop so low as to pretend to be at a game , only to be caught out because he got the ground wrong !
"My god that guy over there is saying the most stupid , moronic , idiotic comments ever and I dont even think he likes football."

"Yeah , what a Goodall."
by Smithymonster February 21, 2008

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