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The best guy you will ever meet.he's everything a girl can wish for. usually brown hair ,blue eyes, & tall. he only likes girls who r like him and know how to make him laugh. he hates being cheated on. but will be sexual with you at any given time. he will treat u with respect , but can be an ass on occasions. he very sensitive and outgoing about his feelings.
Aye i found me a brayden!
by your dork:) May 14, 2010
THE hottest guy in the world...And he is perfect and he will never know how important I am in his life...
That guy is such a Brayden!
by *Me... March 30, 2005
A guy who can make any girl smile no matter what kind of mood she's in. He usually listens to hard rock, he plays the guitar and tends to date girls like him. He also is known to have shaggy brown hair.
Wow, what a Brayden!
by Mitchy Bee March 19, 2011
A boy who loves playing games, hanging with friends, and listening to five finger death punch. He could care less about being popular but always listens to what you have to say and doesn't judge you one bit. He usually has brownish or blondish hair and blue eyes.
Look he didn't judge me he must be a brayden.
by coolguy33 November 24, 2013
makes cute faces when he is in the water.
oh look brayden just came out of the water.
by emily. jess. February 20, 2010
A guy with a really big cock.... REALLY BIG!
Girl: omg I had sex with my bf last night, his dick was huge!

Brayden: really? Look at mine. (Shows dick)

Girl: Oh. Never mind about my boyfriend.
by Twerkit6996 December 28, 2013
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