Dick cheese.
I just finished reading the book "Smegma: It's not that bad"
by Nkos October 10, 2010
the nasty crudy gunk that forms underneath the foreskin of an uncircumsised penis
Dick finished cleaning the smegma out of his willy before he persued in sexual intercourse with his partner.
by Joey Edmonds October 01, 2006
A combination of dead skin cells, seminal fluid and excess urine.

It's a natural process that starts during the mid-teen years. The dead skin cells are from the connective tissue that held the foreskin to the glans during childhood.

As soon as you hit your teens, this tissue breaks down which then allows you to retract your foreskin.

Smegma can be washed out with plain water. Make sure you carefully retract your foreskin. Smegma usually builds up behind the inner end of the glans (just behind the bell-shaped tissue known as the corona). Soap isn't advised for use to keep skin irritation to a minimum, especially around such a sensitive area.

In case of smegma, circumcision isn't necessary. Smegma isn't a disease or a form of fungus. Just follow the above steps.
"You have a case of smegma. Just use plain water to wash it out."
by DylRicho March 16, 2013
Uncircumsized dick cheese
Smegma? Dick cheese? Yeah I bottle that shit
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011
Served as a delicacy in the Philippines as "Lok-Lok." Lightly smothered on top of a crispy sesame cracker, and thin slices of the finest beef pizzle available in the country, a wad of freshly grown smegma is cultivated from the finest soldiers of the Philippine military for a pungeunt kick.
Damn son, this "Lok-Lok" is off the pizzle!

This Philippine delicacy is really delicious!

Excuse me, may I have some fresh smegma on my "Lok-Lok?"

Hey Alex, let's go paintballing....and then grab us some "Lok-Lok!"
by Mr. Reyes July 10, 2008
a build of crusty cheese round the bellend ellis campbell has it dirty bastard
errr you have smegma dirty bastard clean ya cock
by mc badman October 23, 2007
skin and other shit found between the foreskin and shaft of the penis
EW, i have bare smegma bruh
by Dickhead Steve January 17, 2015

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