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Dried milk accumulated on the rim of a jug of milk. Often only a hazard when drinking directly from the jug.

d00d1: "Dude! Don't drink out of the jug! You'll get smegma all over your mouth!"
d00d2: "AH! You're right! AHHH.... It tastes like goat nipples! AH!"
d00d1: "Told you."
by tdawgmacfoo February 11, 2008
22 29
(Smeg' muh)
Any whitish, unknown substance found on the human body

Originally used to define the white cheesy junk on the genitals the morning after sex.

When stuck on a guys schlong when he pees can make the stream go in multiple directions, none of which go into the toilet.
Tom: Whoa! Dude, you have smegma on your lip you fag!
Chris: you trippin' dawg, I just ate some vanilla ice cream.
by Angry Waiter March 06, 2007
23 32
A nickname for anyone by the name of Megan.
Hey Smegma you dirty tramp, what are we going to do today?
8 19
Cheese found in the cliterous of the vagina or pussy cheese
I made a ham and smegma sandwich.
by NATHANALBA May 04, 2007
29 40
a delicious and yummy cheese that collects on a man's twang and is loved by every woman in the world.
Hello, this is my boyfriend, Jared, and his smegma is the most yummylicious thing ever!
by SAYRUHGAYRUH November 12, 2006
50 61
Smegma is a mixture between piss, cum, skin and nob cheese it hangs around under your foreskin and is wating to be licked off by your girlfiends tounge, if gives off a cheesy aroma and obviously a cheesy taste.
My Girlfiend takes a smegma sanwich for her lunch
by Cally-boy November 25, 2005
88 100
A cheese-like substance. Usually sticky, gooey, or a yellow color. My dad made this word when he spilled some on his shirt.
"Aw man! I got smegma all over my new shirt!"
by Steph Noneofyourbusiness April 15, 2010
4 17