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smart,kind and loving hot nerd ;)
competitive person, good friend
by MYK February 16, 2005
strawberrygirl, a silly stubborn pretty girl.
silly,childish, funny, pretty
by MYK February 16, 2005
female night-time masturbation while partner is there, but unaware.
"is that you dear, or is it just a cat on the bed"
by myk January 28, 2005
Anything that is too horrific to be able to imagine
the multiple pileup was awful, bodies everywhere, like a spastic gangbang
by myk January 28, 2005
a cheese like substance found commonly near the head of the penis when it is uncircumsized. Also found between leg and scrotum.
You better get circumsized...smegma is gross.
by MYK February 14, 2005

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