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To make your voice go high pitched all of a sudden, for a quick moment, then go back to regular sounding. a lot of old western music singers have this wonderful talent. also alex burrows on the Vancouver canucks has an uncontrollable twang.
"She (twang) left me" if a western music singer used a twang.
#puberty #western music #twang #erwin horvath #trevor boychuk
by nick czapi February 07, 2008
a twitpic of your wang
Congressman Weiner sent a twang to several of his constituents and created a scandal.
#twitter #tweet #twitpic #sexting #social media
by magellan87 June 07, 2011
'twang, short for bull twang, another word for bullshit

Aussie slang at it's finest
Gazza: "I was hooking, on the piss, off my face and me Mrs didn't even notice."
Dave-o: "'TWANG!"
by merely-a-flesh-wound May 14, 2016
(noun) Its a sound that goes Twang.

(verb) To make something make the above sound.

(adj) Twangful.
This string makes a twang sound when I twang it.
by Larry Smith-Turner November 30, 2003
to be tweaked in the nads
u twang'ed me!
by hotsmy November 27, 2003
(verb)a slang word; a dance that is slutty and can be performed on a table or at a strip club, to move in a twerking manor
just TWANG

oo lemme see that twang.

twang (verb)
#twang #twerk #strip #club #dance move #dance #slutty
by heyyitskelly November 30, 2013
noun : the sound a telecaster makes

noun : some stanky ass herb
You got any twang?

Twangity Twang!
by Keith Richard Cantwell January 26, 2004
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