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The action of chatting over plenty of fish. It is called this due to the agressive smashing of cords when connecting to the other person.
Hey bud, what's up?" "Not much, just smashing with this chick
by Fal1acy March 22, 2011
Extraordinarily impressive or fine; wonderful
a smashing success
a smashing girl
by r2d2 November 04, 2004
this is when you and a woman/man have sex
so matt, did you smash with alex this weekend?
by eug-unit May 24, 2005
A British term to describe that something is good or went well; derived from Irish immigrants term: "Is maith sinn" or "'s maith sinn", pronounced: "Is mah shin" or "Smah shin", meaning: "that is good"
That party was smashing
by NoodleFishMonkey February 11, 2009
An english phrase used to describe something "excellent" or "awesome"
Englishman: That is smashing!
Woman: haha! cute word! what does it mean?
Englishman: Smashing...
Woman: I still dont get it...
Englishman: It means...smashing
by James Lowe December 12, 2007
a great word, meaning erm, well, great.

it is imperative we all start using it again, and become characters from an enid blyton book.
mary- oh gee whizz, that was smashing! a simply tip top day
by innit March 03, 2007
A. to express something as phenomenal
B. the action of getting it on; used as having sex
I'll call you back in smashing this girl right now, late
by topangan May 05, 2010
driving fast. insanely fast. TOO FAST TO HANDLE
"we were smashin' in the jetta"
by beth December 22, 2004