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a great word, meaning erm, well, great.

it is imperative we all start using it again, and become characters from an enid blyton book.
mary- oh gee whizz, that was smashing! a simply tip top day
by innit March 03, 2007
Short for "Boffin," meaning clever person.

What all the cool kids wish they could be.
LaShanda- Omg i was like so right he was like omg i so can't and i was like...

Whittley- Desist at once, you incompetent fool! We are now boffs, mate innit
by innit March 07, 2007
what normal (ie ENGLISH) people call a moving picture. morons (ie AMERICANS) tend to say "movie"
JESSE- whaddup dawg, did you see that bad ass movie?
CHARLES- no, but i saw a rather smashing film
by innit February 25, 2007
what wales is to england, new zealand is to australia.

basically, the wales of the southern hemisphere.
that new zealand, full of sheep-shaggers, so it is
by innit March 04, 2007

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