A. to express something as phenomenal
B. the action of getting it on; used as having sex
I'll call you back in smashing this girl right now, late
by topangan May 05, 2010
Top Definition
Extraordinarily impressive or fine; wonderful
a smashing success
a smashing girl
by r2d2 November 04, 2004
this is when you and a woman/man have sex
so matt, did you smash with alex this weekend?
by eug-unit May 24, 2005
A British term to describe that something is good or went well; derived from Irish immigrants term: "Is maith sinn" or "'s maith sinn", pronounced: "Is mah shin" or "Smah shin", meaning: "that is good"
That party was smashing
by NoodleFishMonkey February 11, 2009
An english phrase used to describe something "excellent" or "awesome"
Englishman: That is smashing!
Woman: haha! cute word! what does it mean?
Englishman: Smashing...
Woman: I still dont get it...
Englishman: It means...smashing
by James Lowe December 12, 2007
a great word, meaning erm, well, great.

it is imperative we all start using it again, and become characters from an enid blyton book.
mary- oh gee whizz, that was smashing! a simply tip top day
by innit March 03, 2007
Just another funnier way of saying "Cool story bro" starring Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys, a Nickelodeon TV Show that aired in the late 1990's through the early 2000's.
Forum user : Dude, I just saved a flock of geese from getting run over by a truck.

Another Forum User : Smashing!!!!
by Raw0Storm October 09, 2010
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