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A certain attitude often accompanied by a squinty look and a superior smile that makes you instantly hate a person. Similar to snobby.
He/she/it is totally smarmy, I want to punch them in the face.
by Jack April 02, 2004
Cheesy, pretentious, not as attractive as one thinks one is and/or greasy and slimy.

Also, that which is full of smarm.
Howard McGillin and Lance Bass are so smarmy that they live on the smarm farm. MSL and J.Tart can come, too.
by Smarmalade November 18, 2006
sleezy, self-centered and insincere. one whom has his own agenda which conflicts with the interests of others. very fake and/or two-faced.
the animation chair at a particular art school fort lauderdale, florida is an insincere smarmy bastard who treats students like lower life forms.
by B. Baker January 03, 2008
the natural state of the frenchman
ah, you zee, we are french, wis our smarmy accents
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
Similar to slimey, but with an air of innocence and similar to kiss-ass, but with out the obviousness. Typically, a male, who gives brief but strong focussed attention to a number of females, often in the work-place, that is drippingly sweet, but carries the occasional lame sexual innuendo that is immediately retracted by a childlike expression. A man, usually a co-worker, or person in contact with large group of female potentials, with puppy-dog eyes, offering an insincere concern and easy compliments, who has (not-so-)hidden agenda accompanyiing his actions and conversation. Easy to discern for the experienced or for those who trust their intuition. Preys most easily on young and vulnerable. Is not harmful, but had own best interests at heart, which usually involve sex, or in the very least, creating self-directed admiration.
"I heard that the new supervisor from the new store is real smarmy."
"yeah, I met him, he's really 'nice' n' all, but yeah, he will smile and give you a little fake charm and feel you out to see how far he can take his comments and then he'll whimper that you don't like him or sing that you are the best and he'd do anything for you, all you need do is ask. I can't stand it when he comes around, attention seeking, because I look like I'm being rude, but he is so smarmy it repels me."
"I knew a smarmy guy once, ewww.. all my friends couldn't stand him either and the guys all thought he was a bit of a nerd, but they didn't really understand that he was smarmy."
"I had to explain smarmy to my ex-boyfriend, one night, after he introduced me to his co-worker who kept asking me personal, leading questions, hoping to create a trust and then find a loop-hole in my faithfulness to my guy."
by Jane R. December 16, 2004
A sleazy, insincere demeanor, possessed by one who puts on a fake smile and has ill intent. One who is not what they appear to be. A sales person who uses phrases like "pull the trigger"
The time share sales manager, looked like a weasel, and had a smarmy way about him.
by hawaiitalent December 08, 2008
Forwardly and unknowingly exuding lightly overbearing and somewhat slimy behavior. One who would stab you in the back if he or she could get away with it. One who would sell their own mother's soul for benefit and/or attention. A subtle scumbag, sleezball, wretch, or creepshow.
If that smarmy guy comes by my desk again today, I hope I am away at a meeting.
by Nichodroid November 02, 2009
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