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The monotone voice of NPR at any time of the day.
The smarmy tones of an abscure NPR reporter informed senior citizens around the country about pointless shit in a dull boring voice.
by Themidnightmeattrain November 05, 2008
generally the stereotype of the greasy, unwanted people that hit on any given person
1. Oh my god, that guy that just offered to buy me a drink is so SMARMY!

2. That guy that said, "Do you want fries with that shake, baby?" is smarmy.
by pam/smashing pandora July 29, 2005
A very low class interjection of sex, usually very inappropriate, sleazy.
The old guy stood on the street corner making crude smarmy remarks to almost every girl or woman who passed by him.
by Bob Meyers June 27, 2006
An attitude resembling butt, covered in a butt/poop paste. Also can be used as a verb, a noun, or other things.
I was smarming the other day, it sucked

Your fart is positively smarmy

That girl totally smarmed on me.

He smarms baby turtles.
by walter cronkite IV April 19, 2009
slimy and evil like
That guy looks a little smarmy.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
A musical term to be sleeklike too move in a predictable pattern but in a unpredictable way.To sound sweet to the ears but be grimmyat the same time..
That bassline was so smarmy.
by HYPERJ January 03, 2005
When waves are inconsistent and un-surfable
Damn, these waves are smarmy.
by rad dog April 04, 2003