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The sound a penis makes when it is slapped against one's forehead.

The sound of a dicksmack.
I heard a smackle in my mom's bedroom.
by Jack January 26, 2004
When something looks so smackable that you have to smack it.
Aaliyah: that chicken nugget looks so smackle in your hand
Anna: wtf
Olivia: you've never heard of smackle
Anna: no tf
by Trufflebuttertrio March 18, 2015
Describing marijuana.Intended to insinuate the need for smoking of marijuana to any friend at any time without detection by those who do not partake!
"I would like to get some smackles"
by J.W. May 11, 2003
an Eastern University student(SOC Major) who is slightly off balance due to his missing testicle.*

*lost in a floor hockey match
Mike Nowicki - (Nodicki) has a smackle.
by Kurt, Frank and Calvin December 10, 2006
OK, this word is pretty unused but I spread it all over the internet. Muahahaha. Anyway, this means to smack and tackle someone at the same time. Also it could mean to do a huge belly-flop onto someone and tackle.
Boy1: Rofl hi it's me. (:
Girl: JOHNNY! -smackles-
Boy2: LOL.

Joe: Yo, man. Thank goodness no one is stealing mah gun right now.
Bob: HEEHEE! - takes gun -
Joe: - jumps off bridge and smackles -
Bob: Owwie.

by butterFLAII September 22, 2007
a cock that is smaller than you ballsack
You are such a smackle.
by Mason and Chris November 11, 2004
Slamming one's solitary testicle against a wall.
Wow, I love to smackle my ball against this wall. It gives me a great release.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003

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