The look of an embarrassed, humiliated person or angry person, indicated by a flushed face read skin.
Damn dude, you came out of that meeting looking like a smacked ass!
by Skeebo127 April 07, 2009
Top Definition
an absolute idiot that walks around as if he's got no clue in life.
act right, you smacked ass.
by Karolyn C July 06, 2005
An idiot. Someone who walks around as if he's been literally, smacked in the ass.
So, this smacked ass walks up to me, and asks me if I've got a dollar
by Pete November 28, 2003
The look or sound of something that wasn't done right
That looks like smacked ass. Hey! Damn! That sounded like smacked ass!
by fugnutz January 02, 2008
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