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Magda is a name. It is a Christian name. The long form can be Magdalena (that`s my name, but everybody calls me Magda).
Magdalena is a very popular name in Poland.
by Magdalena January 24, 2005
Incredibly sexy, spunky and fun-loving; stubborn with a cause. She has a wild personality and the most amazing body. Usually has an explosive temper and gets angry quickly. Pretty violent and rough too, but that makes the sex more fun. Is very strong willed. Very good at dancing. Great to talk to. Always up for a party.
I would bone Magda so hard.
by icec0ld21 January 19, 2011
The single most amazing person. Eat a lot, sleep not much - lucky sexy thing with awesome body! she means the world! She has a nice tush, nice breasts, and the cutest face. she has soft skin and smooth, kick-ass hair. bit manipulative but you can sort it out
I LOVE Magda!
by marco123456 October 05, 2010
Vain, arrogant, flippant, self conscious, close minded, always tardy and always full of themselves.
Magdas' believe the world revolves them and have no sense of gratitude or appreciation. They do not believe in giving until their particular needs are met in full. They have no sense of time and have no respect for other people's time and efforts. Can never take anything seriously. Thinks everything is a joke.
by Tomasvolvat November 29, 2012
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