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Slow Learner Under Guidance
In the Army a SLUG is new soldiers that are still in training but not the fastest to pick up on things.

"Can you show that Slug how to do it AGAIN?"
by Drill Sgt Clark November 11, 2009
A slug is a type of man who is very slimy and tries to get as many girls as he can only with the objective of having sex with them. Slugs at first appear like the perfect men, but what most women don't know is that they are hiding their true identity in their shells like little snails. These 'slugs' will say or do anything to get what they want, and are referred to as slugs because they are so slimy and slithery in the way they do things. Slugs are also ugly creatures, like most of the men who try to obtain these women.
Man, I wish I had known ryan was a slug before I went on a date with him.

Why did he have to turn out to be such a slug?
by hello52 August 23, 2010
A really slow-ass bug. You can defeat it by using salt.
Damn, this slug got on me and started sucking away at my life. Good thing I had my salt handy.
by The Butler April 17, 2005
A counterfeit representaion of a coin that has similar shape (and possibly similair weight) used to subvert vending machines.

Source: Term at one point was used on the New Jersey boardwalk in the 1980s.

An entity (especially a person) not capable of meeting minimal standard of the productivity that they are participating in, usually used disparagingly.

Source: I use this today as it seems approprite to descibe someone people that can get in your world, but can't deliver.
Ex. 1:
Posted sign: Those caught using slugs will be barred from this arcade.

Ex. 2:
Coach Willaims: You call that Rugby?!! I can get 15 slugs off the street to beat you guys
by JayBee March 20, 2005
A word used to describe an awesome person by someone that feeds off the bits of croissant left in a french horses large teeth.
Also used by someone that dates easy girls that don't speak english so they wont realize how boring and cuntfaced they are.
His last name is Cuntface and he doesn't smoke hookah but he DOES hookah......

Jessika: "Stephen just called me a 'slug'"

Yvette: "wtf is a slug?"

Jessika: "idk I guess some dumb word he made up while he was DOING hookah and feeding off leftovers from that back stabbing horsed face bitches giant teeth"

Yvette: "hahaha Carmen's gonna stab him with her knife"

::Carmen stabs stephen with her knife::
by bitchesisbitches February 19, 2010
A slug is a blend of 3 words slight lazy hug. Hence a slug is a slightly lazy hug.
Her: I'm in the mood for a slug
You: Ok
by tergos1 November 25, 2009
v. To be anemic, anti-social or creepy
see also Man Whore, East coast nerfer
he can slug in the corner for all I care... he's a creeper
by WestSIDE!! May 15, 2009