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When you and your friends decide to make walking to a destination more fun by sparking up along the way.
"Let's do a walk-and-toke to Daniel's and then watch Party Down"
by Quailsareneat January 06, 2012
Obscenely high on any substance.
My boy Tommy is always gacked to the gills on some substance or another. That fool's crazy!
by Quailsareneat December 28, 2011
Intoxicated, usually on depressants such as alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines.
"Amir is nodding out, he's so slowed!"
by Quailsareneat January 06, 2012
Sneergs is a term used among pot smokers. Sneergs is used to refer to the person taking the last hit of whatever implement you are smoking.
"Hallie gets Greens because it's her bud, and Joey gets Sneergs because he's a mooch!"
by Quailsareneat January 04, 2012
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